Reasons to choosing us

We are Optimised

We follow the latest conversion research in the industry to build solutions that are effective at turning visitors into clients. We are always learning and educating ourselves on best web design practices and keep up-to-date on all of the latest research.

We Are Global

Unlike most web providers who serve content from a single server and location, we have the ability to cache your content to 60+ servers across the globe, ensuring rapid delivery, higher conversion and enhanced Google rankings.

We Are Green

Virtually waste free, physically paperless! Thanks to a remote workforce, we produce none of the waste typically produced by an office environment. We are constantly reducing our impact by leveraging latest technologies.

We Are Dedicated

We never take on more tasks than we can handle. This gives us the ability to focus all our energy and time on current projects – making sure every detail is correct and delivery takes place on time.

We Are Stable

Unlike many companies who have plans of selling out, we have plans for sticking around for a very long time. We are fiscally responsible, debt-free, and we focus on our financials to ensure the utmost stability to our customers.

We Are Affordable

When considering the highest quality of design, support, dedication, hardware, features, and unbeatable up-time; no other provider comes close to matching our prices or services! Feel free to compare us!


the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

Premium Solutions

Whether you’re just starting out or want to advance your enterprise, we have powerful building blocks to boost your business!

Solid Foundation

Domains:, .com, .net, .org + 100 more!
*** R55
File & Web Hosting + IMAP / POP Email
** R65
Hosted Exchange Email Sync Across All Devices
** R89

Premium Content

Responsive Custom Web Development
* R4265
Creative Design Service Raster & Vector
* R750
Copywriting: Formulated and Structured Copy
* R15

Maximum Exposure

Retargeting Marketing Campaign
** R1400
CDN - Global Content Delivery Network
** R20
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
* R1250

* = Once-Off Fee

** = Monthly Fee

*** = Annual Fee

Minimum amounts are shown and may change according on your choice selection

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Web Development South Africa, Creative Design South Africa, Logo Design South Africa,
File and Web Hosting South Africa, CDN South Africa, SEO South Africa, Retargeting South Africa,
Copywriting South Africa and Hosted Exchange South Africa

What Our Clients Say
  • Rolf Schlub
    Rolf Schlub / Terracam - Founding Owner

    “Incredible service! Very dynamic and broad know-how on web development, creative design and seo strategy. My project was not simple and the results exceeded my expectations. You can’t go wrong with these guys!”

  • Saskia Derksen
    Saskia Derksen / Neotan - Sales Executive

    “Cloudfusion did our web development and maintains our website with energetic, creative and efficient ethics. Our site is user friendly and manageable. Cloudfusion’s service is consistent and handled in a personal caring manner. Their fresh ambitious attitude is what makes them a pleasure to work with!”

  • Beyers Boshoff
    Beyers Boshoff / Cell C Harrismith - Founding Owner

    “We’ve been with Cloudfusion since 2011. At times we have not been the easiest customer, but Cloudfusion always deliver, even after hours and weekends.”
    4E Foods

  • Rikus de Beer
    Rikus de Beer / The Classic Bear - Founding Owner

    “Cloudfusion provides an excellent web development service and just as excellent customer support. Thank you very much for the service that you are offering.”
    The Classic Bear

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